Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cherry Surprises

Cherry Surprise Balls

from Ginny Wentzell


        1 bottle            maraschino cherries (red or green)
        1/2 cup            icing sugar

        1/2 cup           maragrine

        1/2 tsp.            vanilla

        1 1/2 cups      coconut

        1 tbsp.             milk

                                graham crumbs or chocolate





1.   Mix first five ingredients well.

2.   Drain cherries. Wrap in paper towel to remove excess water.

3.   Chill coconut mixture.

4.   Roll cherries in ball of coconut mixture.

5.   Coat with sprinkles and graham crumbs or melted chocolate.

        Store in fridge for up to a 3 months.

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